Elecnor is awarded the construction of a new 322MW wind farm in Brazil

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. Wind power continues to blow with favorable winds in Brazil. Elecnor, a Spanish infrastructure, energy, services and telecommunications group, has been awarded the construction of a new wind farm in Brazil for 44 million euros. The Tucano wind farm, which will be located in the municipalities of Tucano, Araci and Biritinga, is promoted by the Brazilian company AES Brasil, belonging to the international group AES Corp.

It is the first installation of this type in the Bahia region, in the northeast of the country and will have 322 megawatts (MW) of installed power. Specifically, Elecnor will be in charge of the construction of the Balance of Plant (BOP), both civil and electrical, for the first phase of the project. The actions included in the contract include the foundations for the 52 6.2 MW wind turbines, whose supplier is Siemens Gamesa. The turbines will be installed in steel towers 115 meters high and will have blades of more than 80 meters that will form a circumference of 170 meters in diameter. These are the largest and most powerful wind turbines installed to date in Brazil.

In addition, Elecnor will be in charge of the construction of other auxiliary systems and developments, including 58 km of internal roads; 45 km of 500 kV transmission line; 76 km of medium voltage overhead network at 34.5 kV; as well as the 34.5 / 500 kV Tucano substation and the power expansion of the Olindina substation. Work on this project is scheduled to be completed in mid-2022.


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