GWEC: China Installed Half Of New Global Offshore Wind Capacity During 2020 In Record Year


  • China leads the world in new annual offshore wind installations for the third year in a row with over 3 GW of new offshore wind capacity in 2020.
  • Steady growth in Europe, driven by the Netherlands and Belgium, accounts for majority of the remaining new offshore wind installations in 2020, along with the US and South Korea.
  • The offshore wind industry installed just over 6 GW of new capacity globally in 2020, nearly the same levels as the previous year despite the impacts of COVID-19 and the second-best year for the sector.
  • The UK remains in the top spot globally for total offshore wind capacity, while China has now overtaken Germany to become the world’s second largest offshore wind market.
  • Total global offshore wind capacity is now over 35 GW, helping the world avoid 62.5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions – equivalent to taking over 20 million cars off the…

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