Mexico achieves a new record installing 43,000 solar panels in a single day in an amazing project carried out by ACCIONA

Mexico breaks world record, 43 thousand solar panels in a single day and one million in two months in ACCIONA project

GO ECO GREEN21 / CLEAN ENERGY XXI. Solar energy in Mexico continues to shine and reach new heights. The prestigious firm ACCIONA has managed to set the standard with the Puerto Libertad photovoltaic plant, which has two records: the assembly of more than one million solar panels in just two months and 43,080 were installed in a single day. In this way, it surpasses the also impressive record of 18,990 panels in a single day implemented by the firm Enel Green Power in a solar project in Chihuahua.

This new 405MWp power project is already in commercial operation, with an annual electricity production equivalent to the consumption of 583,000 homes and eliminating the emission into the atmosphere of more than 925,000 tons of CO2. According to the specialized publication Energía Limpia XXI, Mexico has a favorable potential to generate solar energy and to date it has 69 large-scale solar plants, positioning itself among the world leaders in the sector.

It should be noted that ACCIONA is one of the main players in the Mexican renewable sector, with 1,145MW operating in ownership, of which 740MW correspond to wind farms and the rest to the Puerto Libertad photovoltaic plant, one of the largest in Latin America.

ACCIONA supplies 100% renewable energy to more than 500 companies and institutions around the world, thus contributing to its decarbonisation and climate change mitigation strategy. Clients who have trusted ACCIONA include Apple, Bimbo, Merck, Falabella, Asics, Unilever, Google, Maersk and Robert Bosch, among others. The company is the largest independent 100% renewable marketer in the Iberian market.

ACCIONA has more than 10.5GW renewables in 16 countries that produce clean electricity equivalent to the consumption of seven million homes. The company is the most sustainable electricity company in the world according to the New Energy Top 100 Green Utilities ranking, a position that has been revalidated annually since 2015. In addition, it has been recognized as a leader in the electricity sector (“electric utilities”), according to the analysis carried out for the preparation of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). The company has been carbon neutral since 2016.

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