Colombia moves forward in geothermal energy generation

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ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. Renewable energy in Colombia continues to grow by leaps and bounds, not only wind, solar and biomsa, geothermal is a source with rich potential. In this sense, the Vice Minister of Energy of Colombia, Miguel Lotero, reported that today “We publish for consultation the requirements to promote power generation through geothermal resources.”

According to Energía Limpia XXI magazine, over the last two years the country has gone from 50 megawatts of installed capacity with non-conventional renewable sources to more than 2,800 megawatts by the end of 2022. The new auction announced by the government includes 5,800 megawatts of power and $ 6.8 billion in eco friendly investments, creating up to 32,000 jobs.

The Vice Minister highlighted that “due to its geographical position and geology, Colombia has great potential to develop this type of unconventional energy.”

The consultation seeks to promote citizen participation in the Draft Decree by means of which provisions are made to develop activities aimed at generating electricity through geothermal energy, in order to receive observations and comments.

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