Chile with new cleaning device for solar panels made in Germany

ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. Lachen, Germany, 12 November 2020. The leading manufacturer of PV cleaning systems SunBrush® mobil from Lachen (Germany) has commissioned its new device TrackFlex in Chile for the first time. The operator of the PV plant Eiffage Energía will use the device to clean its 103 MW solar power plant in the Atacama Desert. The company that is specialized on electrical infrastructures, renewable energies and construction has built the tracking systems with 300,000 solar panels on 150 hectares of public land.

With an articulated arm and a brush that can simply be moved with a joystick in any direction, TrackFlex can clean the panels in every position, regardless of the orientation and the tilt angle. It is therefore not necessary to stop the tracking system during the cleaning process, thus saving time and money. A press release sent to Energía Limpia XXI states that TrackFlex can be mounted quickly and easily on all carrier vehicles such as tractors or wheel loaders and is ready for use within minutes.

Sweeping the sand away

In deserts, TrackFlex can just sweep away light soiling like sand and dust from the solar panels without any water. To remove heavy soiling like encrusted desert sand, wet cleaning is possible without any modifications as well. The patented Washtronic solution compensates for floor unevenness and ensures automatic level equalisation on uneven terrain.

Together with its partner Comercial Andesud Ltda. from Santiago, SunBrush® mobil has accompanied Eiffage Energía from planning and selecting the components to installing and commissioning them on site.  “The market for PV tracking systems is continuously growing. With TrackFlex, operators can significantly reduce yield losses and extend the availability of their plants to the maximum level”, says SunBrush® mobil´s CEO Franz Ehleuter.

About SunBrush® mobil GmbH

SunBrush® mobil GmbH develops, produces, and sells cleaning devices for photovoltaic installations and the facades of buildings. The company was founded in 2014 by Managing Director Franz Ehleuter in Lachen, Germany. It utilizes its engineering expertise in the inhouse development of its cleaning systems. In addition, the company operates its own test center. The innovative design organization supplies customers across the globe. SunBrush® mobil maintains research cooperation with the Institute for Energy and Drive Technology at the university of applied sciences in Ulm. All SunBrush® mobil products are covered by German and European patents. Renowned solar module manufacturers have authorized the use of SunBrush® mobil brushes on their products.

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