Brazil ensures more financing for solar energy and SMEs

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GO ECO GREEN21. Brazil continues to advance on the eco-friendly business route as a key component for the present and post-pandemic economic recovery. The IFC, part of the World Bank Group, through Banco Santander Brasil, is ensuring greater access to credit for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) seeking to promote the use of renewable energy and sustainable practices.

The 100 million dollar creditline has a comprehensive approach, allocating 50% of its funds to the commercialization of solar panels while allotting 20% are going specifically to support SMEs led by women entrepreneurs.

According to the specialized publication Energía Limpia XXI, small and medium-sized businesses in Brazil have become a strong economic driver of the economy, generating good paying jobs for thousands of families, contributing to advance with greater succes in the Post Covid19 economic recovery.It is worth noting that Santander has been a key protagonist and pioneer in the promotion of solar energy in Brazil in both, small and large scale photovoltaic projects, in addition to contributing to the financing of 285 wind energy farms.

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