BYD China manufactures Brazil’s first articulated high-floor electric bus chassis

ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI/ELECTRIC MOBILITY. BYD completed the manufacture of the first 100% electric articulated bus chassis in Brazil on a high floor that adapts to demand and BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) projects the vehicles will be manufactured in scale at the company’s factory in Campinas, in the interior from Sao Paulo. The D11A chassis model, 22 meters long, will be powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries (LifePO4) and autonomy of up to 250 km on a full charge. The chassis goes on to implement the body and later the approval process. In June this year, BYD Brasil also completed the manufacture of the first 100% electric articulated low floor chassis in the country. A report carried by Energía Limpia XXI states that the factory in the interior of São Paulo has a production capacity of 720 chassis per year, which may increase to up to 1,440 per year. Marcello Von Schneider, Director of the Bus Division at BYD Brasil, explains the advantages of the new chassis line. “The 100% electric high-floor articulated bus has been fully adapted to meet the needs of express corridors that have a boarding platform,” said Schneider. “In this way, the D11A chassis, BYD is able to service both new express corridor projects and existing BRTs”, he concluded.

Electric buses are a great tool for reducing local pollutants and greenhouse gases. On average, each common combustion bus consumes 90 liters of diesel in one day of operation. Therefore, each electric bus avoids the emission of 110 ton / year of CO 2 into the atmosphere.

To supply the electric bus fleet, the company has just started operating its third plant in Brazil, at the Manaus Industrial Pole (PIM). The manufacturing plant is dedicated to the production of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, initially aimed at the entire line of 100% electric bus chassis, manufactured in Campinas. With an investment of R $ 15 million, the factory, installed in an area of ​​5,000 square meters, allows the expansion of new production lines in the future.

Currently, the factory installed in Campinas produces chassis for electric buses of the models D9W (urban 13 meters low floor), D9A (urban 13 meters high floor), D9F (charter), articulated D11 B (low floor) and articulated D11A (high floor ).

BYD D11A Features

Autonomy of up to 250 km;
Five-year warranty for the power train: electric motors and gearbox;
Easy charging within 3.5 hours;
Low energy consumption;
Zero emission of pollutants and noise;
Low maintenance cost;
Four BYD Electric Motors – 2912TZ-XY-A
4X 201 hp of maximum power integrated into the wheels;
Steel structure with high resistance to torsion and bending;
Disc brakes with ABS system and traction control;

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