Mexico Moves Forward With New Wind Energy Project : Thermion and Siemens Financial Develop Delaro, a 117MW Wind Farm in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

GO ECO GREEN21. The Delaro project offers Mexico the opportunity to approach its independence from fossil fuels, providing clean, reliable and affordable energy, equivalent to the electricity demand of 64,634 homes and CO2 savings equivalent to 22.8 million planted trees.

Delaro is Thermion’s first project with Siemens Financial in Mexico. The State Tamaulipas, a state in northern Mexico, was chosen for having some of the most suitable winds in the country. According to AMDEE (Asociación Mexicana de Energía Eólica), Tamaulipas amassed 1,163 MW of installed capacity in 2019, making it the state in Mexico with the 2nd most installed capacity.

The proven efficiency of the SG 4.5-145 wind turbine offers one the best Levelized Costs of Energy (LCoE). This turbine is ideal for medium wind areas and Delaro project is the second facility in the country with this model, which at 200m tip height equals three times the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan. A Go Eco Green report states that wind energy in México continue to have a strong potential an the region of Tamaulipas has the best resources for generation of this kind of renewable sources. The project boasts 27 wind turbines with blades and towers proudly manufactured in Mexico. It will generate around 400 direct jobs.

The Mexican wind market is the second largest in Latin America with an installed capacity of 6,600 MW and has strong growth potential for the upcoming years. Currently, wind energy contributes around 6% of the country’s electricity needs, or the equivalent energy supply required by 6 millions of Mexicans.

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Topics: renewable energy, climate change, sustainable development, investments, job creation, global warming, wind energy, Mexico.


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