Voltalia starts the construction of the VSM 4 wind farm in Brazil

ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. Voltalia, an international player in renewable energies, announces today the start of the construction of its 59 megawatts VSM 4 wind farm in the Serra Branca cluster. “Just a few weeks after commissioning VSM 1 (163 megawatts), Voltalia’s biggest windfarm, and with VSM 2 (128 megawatts) and VSM 3 (150 megawatts) already under construction, I am pleased to announce the start of the construction of the VSM 4 (59 megawatts) project in our Serra Branca cluster. This new wind plant in Brazil, backed by long-term power sales agreements, shows our full commitment to supporting private companies in their energy transition. I take this opportunity to thank all workers on our construction sites worldwide and their continuous mobilization despite the challenges created by the sanitary crisis”, comments Sébastien Clerc, Chief Executive Officer of Voltalia.

A report carried by Energía Limpia XXI states that the VSM 4 project is in Voltalia’s Serra Branca cluster, the world’s biggest wind-and-solar cluster. The site covers approximately 40,000 hectares, within a 50-by-15 kilometres area. The Serra Branca cluster accommodates a 2.4 gigawatt grid connection infrastructure, developed and built by Voltalia,servicing 0.8 gigawatts of Voltalia wind plants in operation and construction, 0.3 gigawatts of Voltalia solar projects with contracts already secured, 0.7 gigawatts of wind plants sold to partners, and 0.7 gigawatts of further potential to be sold to partners or kept by Voltalia.

International turbine manufacturer Nordex Group has been chosen for the supply of the 17 wind turbines to be installed at the VSM 4 site, each with a power rating of 3.46 megawatts. The selected AW132/3465 model is assembled locally in Brazil. Voltalia won VSM 4’s long-term power sale agreements in June 20191 : • 7 megawatts with local power distribution companies under a 20-year contracts starting 2023; • 52 megawatts with a private offtaker under a 10-year contract starting 2022. As for most Voltalia projects in Brazil, the VSM 4 project will be commissioned ahead of the start of the long-term power sales agreements, with anticipated production sold under a short-term contract already secured. The wind farm is expected to start generating power during the first semester of 2021.

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