LONGi China supplies 11.7MW of i solar modules to PV plant in Chile


ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. LONGi has supplied 11.7MW of innovative solar modules to a PV plant within the Parque Fotovoltaico Libertadores in Los Andes Province, Chile, which is now supplying electricity to the local grid. LONGi was selected as the sole module supplier for the project.

The plant, covering 24.4 hectares, was developed by D ‘E Capital and constructed by EPC company Orion Power, with an investment of $12 million. A report carried by Energía Limpia XXI states that there are 28,720 units of LONGi high-efficiency solar modules deployed at this PMGD (Pequeños Medios de Generación Distribuidos) project, with a projected service life of 30 years.

Francisco Lopez, Chile’s Deputy Secretary for Energy, attended the commissioning ceremony and emphasized the importance of the project. “Today we are inaugurating a PV plant that will inject 11.7MW of electricity into our national grid and will enable 9,000 households to receive clean and renewable…

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