Wind Energy in Brazil on the Rise: EDF Renewable with more investments

ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. Winds of change continue to blow all over Brazil. This week Governor João Azevêdo met at the Palácio da Redenção, in João Pessoa, with representatives of EDF Renewables.

At the meeting, the head of the state executive presented the economic potential of Paraíba and the state’s capacity to generate renewable energy. “We have one of the best solarimetric indices in Brazil, a large capacity for generating wind energy and we already have parks being implemented in the State, in addition to investments in transmission lines,” he explained. A report carried by Energía Limpia XXI states that the company will install, from the first half of 2021, the Serra do Seridó Wind Farm, in the municipalities of Junco do Seridó and Santa Luzia, generating an initial investment of R $ 1 billion and about 600 jobs in the construction phase of the project .

The manager highlighted at the meeting the effort of the Government’s economic team to guarantee the efficiency of Paraíba’s fiscal management. “We are the second most competitive state in the Northeast, we have a B rating with the National Treasury Secretariat, we have a positive primary result and one of the lowest indebtedness in Brazil, attesting to our fiscal balance picture”, he commented.

João Azevêdo also detailed the projects of the Cabo Branco Tourist Pole, which consists of the construction of hotels, resorts and tourist entertainment activities, commerce and services in a strategic location in João Pessoa, and the ship repair yard in Lucena, which will foster tourism and the generation of jobs and income in the State. “Paraíba has its doors open to receive new investments and we are ready to contribute in the best possible way,” he said.

The manager also highlighted the actions taken to combat the coronavirus pandemic carried out by the State Government. “We didn’t have a shortage of beds at any time, as we opened 400 ICU beds and 900 infirmary, we made distance services available to citizens, which placed Paraíba in the first place in the national ranking of registration of public management measures adopted on the platform online to face the pandemic and ahead in the ranking of the offer of digital services in the Digital Transformation Group of States ”, he added.

In turn, the CEO of EDF in Brazil, Paulo Abranches, stated that most of the labor contracted by the company in the construction phase of the wind farm will be from the region and praised the investment potential in the State. “We looked for a new project in several states and we saw high potential in Paraíba, with very good technical characteristics, with the capacity to drain energy and we decided to invest in the state. We understand that investment in renewable energy is good for the planet and the region, as we are dealing with clean and sustainable energy ”, he declared.

The secretaries Deusdete Queiroga (Infrastructure, Water Resources and Environment); Marialvo Laureano (Farm); Bruno Frade (Finance Executive); Gilmar Martins (Budget, Planning and Management); Ronaldo Guerra (Governor’s Chief of Staff); and Rômulo Polari Filho (president of the Paraíba Development Company – Cinep); Anderson Bragagnolo (project manager at EDF Renewables); and Erildo Monteiro (FFC director) also attended the meeting.

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