Brazil : BNDES and Ministry of Mines and Energy to bring more clean energy to families in the Amazon

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ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. The National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) and the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Brazil (MME) recently signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement whose focus is the Federal Government’s More Light for the Amazon Program. One of the objectives of the agreement is to allow the Federal Government’s program to obtain resources from the Green Climate Fund (GCF), the United Nations Green Climate Fund that finances projects to reduce impact and adapt to climate change. BNDES was qualified in July 2019 as one of its operators. To this end, the Bank and the MME will seek to prepare a detailed proposal on Mais Luz para Amazônia, including its budget and its environmental benefits, which is a prerequisite for accessing the UN financial mechanism.

“This partnership with the BNDES will be fundamental for this program to have a new perspective in terms of financing, be they national, or also of resources coming from abroad”, said the Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque. A report carried by Energía Limpia XXI states that the initiative seeks to serve approximately 82 thousand families who do not have access to electricity in remote areas of the Amazon Region. Through the document, the two institutions undertake to prepare studies and raise financing proposals to raise funds for the program.

Since the Ministry’s initial perspective is to provide the service through local photovoltaic systems (solar energy), small biomass plants and other renewable energy sources, the program is believed to be attractive for initiatives aimed at environmental projects and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These are some of the guidelines of the Green Climate Fund, among other institutions.

Gustavo Montezano, president of the BNDES, stated that it is necessary to bring sustainability to the Amazon in environmental, social, energy and economic terms. “Bringing clean energy to the Amazon is essential to having an Amazon as we want it: perennial and healthy,” said Montezano.

The initial estimate is that the Mais Luz for the Amazon Program will require investments of approximately R $ 3 billion. Its feasibility is part of the BNDES ‘mission, among which are social and regional development, the expansion of the use of renewable energy and the contribution to the effectiveness of a low carbon economy.

The agreement signing event took place at the headquarters of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, in Brasília, and was attended by Roberto Parucker, president of Eletronorte.

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