BYD CHINA IN BRAZIL: In-Haus operates 300 electric BYD forklifts

ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. Electric mobility continues to be a key component in the various commercial activities in Brasil. In-Haus is a GPS group company specialized in logistics solutions. With 60 years in the market, this company serves 3,500 companies in the 27 states of Brazil and has around 85 thousand employees. In an innovative way, the company adopted the largest fleet of lithium battery electric forklifts in Brazil. In total there are three hundred 100% electric BYD units.

It should be noted that electric mobility is a growing phenomenon in Latin America and Brazil stands out with important advances in public transport and private sector initiatives. A report carried by Energía Limpia XXI states that the company opted for the use of BYD forklifts for sustainability, safety at work and the efficiency provided by this equipment. Since electric forklifts do not emit pollutants, the environmental gains are great, as In-Haus loads more than 3,000 trucks per day.

For Gustavo Acosta, In-Haus Regional Logistics Manager, the gain in safety with the use of the handling equipment of the 100% electric BYD forklifts is paramount.

“One reason is that you don’t need to change the battery. In addition to efficiency, there is also safety at work, because there is no risk of removing a battery and dropping it on the employee’s foot, for example ”.

The operational advantages of 100% electric equipment powered by lithium battery have allowed companies to reduce polluting gas emissions and also reduce costs in their operations. Eco-friendly and economical logistics operations include the eT3 Delivery BYD van and an extensive line of forklifts and tugs.


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