GO ECO GREEN21. The Primer Minister of India Narendra Modi, inaugurated in Rewa, District of Madhya Pradesh, the largest and most modern photovoltaic plant in Asia. With this new milestone, the Asian tiger opens a new chapter in its success story over the last decade. The new 750 MW plant will also have a positive impact on the cost of the energy tariff and the reduction of carbon emissions.

According to the International Energy Agency and the World Economic Forum, India has the largest population in the world and it is the third producer of greenhouse gases from all over the planet. Despite this record, the nation is now among the world leaders in terms of compliance with the Paris Agreements.

The carbon supplement three rooms of its energy matrix, however the country has begun to reverse the use of contaminating energy. A report carried by Energía Limpia XXI states that in three years the country has doubled the energy generation with clean fuels, mainly solar. The goal of the country is to reach 175GW of electrical production with clean fuels in 2022 and 450GW in the year 2030.

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