Series production started: Käufer Befahrtechnik launches the world’s first rotor blade access system for onshore wind turbines with mechanically opening gangways



ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. The world market leader Käufer Befahrtechnik has started series production of the world’s first rotor blade access system with mechanically openable gangways. The new, TÜV-certified K-BP-4 access platform is suitable for all service operations on all models of high-output onshore wind turbines with hub heights of up to 200 meters.

The new access system allows the inspection and repair of rotor blades with tips up to 17.5 meters away from the tower, which is mainly the case with modern pre-bended blades. Rotor blade access systems are susceptible to wind and can quickly flip over – especially when fully telescoped. “With our unique system, service technicians can now drive right up to the tower and access the blade from any position. This means that they can always descend safely, even on pre-tensioned pre banded blades. The access system can thus also be used in wind speeds up to…

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