India clean energy revolution: For the first time in its history, solar energy investments are greater than coal industry

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The country expects to produce 175GW of renewable energy in 2022 and 450 in 2030.

GO ECO GREEN21. India is one of the countries that is most advanced in the fulfillment of the Paris agreements and under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Winner of the United Nations Champions of the Earth Prize), promotes an International Alliance to Promote Solar Energy (International Solar Alliance) According to the International Energy Agency and the World Economic Forum. India is the second most populous nation in the world and the third largest producer of greenhouse gases on the entire planet.

It is not an easy task but it is an achievable goal. Coal supplies three-quarters of its energy matrix, however the country has begun to reverse the use of polluting energy.
A report by Go Eco Green21 highlights the strong impulse of renewables has allowed a change of clothing, which in just three years the country has doubled energy generation with clean sources, mainly solar. The country’s goal is to reach 175GW of clean source electricity production in 2022 and 450GW in 2030.

India currently generates 82.6GW from renewable sources, 23% of its total energy matrix and 56% coal. India is making progress on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7, ensuring Affordable and Clean Energy.


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