Brazil : Mining Company Goes 100% Clean Energy Using Wind Power

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Renewable energy sector and mining are movingdvance hand in hand in Brazil. The Anglo American firm promotes mining and wind energy, guaranteeing sustainable development of the sector and setting the path to follow.

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT / ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. The international mining giant Anglo American and Casa dos Ventos of Brazil have reinforced their commitment to clean and safe energy, taking advantage of the high potential they have in wind energy. Anglo American and Casa dos Ventos became shareholders of Special Purpose Entities (SPEs) for the production of renewable energy in the Rio do Vento Wind Farm, one of the largest wind farms in the world, in Rio Grande do Norte. The project will receive an investment of R $ 2.4 billion (approximately $ 455 million) in the construction of eight wind farms, three of which will be used to produce energy for the mining company.

The construction works for the project will be delivered in the second half of 2021. A report carried by Energía Limpia XXI magazine states that that Anglo American will be a partner in the company, becoming the first unit of the Anglo American group in the world to be a self-produced energy company. In total, the Rio do Vento wind farm will have an installed capacity of 504 megawatts (MW), of which 195 MW will be used to satisfy Anglo American’s consumption. This acquisition represents the largest volume of purchase of renewable energy with self-production made directly between a consumer and an energy generator in the country. The contract is valid until 2041 and will be responsible for supplying approximately 30% of all the energy consumed by Anglo American’s plants in Brazil.

For each MWh generated by the contract, a certificate will be issued for a total of more than 832 thousand international renewable energy certificates annually. It should be noted that the three wind farms provided for in the contract are already being built in the municipalities of Caiçara do Rio do Vento, Riachuelo, Bento Fernandes and Ruy Barbosa, in Rio Grande do Norte. Together these plants will produce an average 195 MW of energy, using the latest generation wind turbines from Danish manufacturer Vestas. According to the director of New Business at Casa dos Ventos, Lucas Araripe, “self-production through wind energy has become a more competitive alternative for companies seeking to guarantee a sustainable energy supply.” Stopping it, contracting for longer periods also guarantees predictability, which is interesting in countries like Brazil, where there is high price volatility.

Casa dos Ventos has become a benchmark in the country in terms of corporate renewable energy contracts. “We develop a personalized model, where our partners have access to low-cost and clean energy. We want to help more consumers reach their sustainability goals and reduce their final cost of energy, “concludes Araripe.

Renewable energy plan

Anglo American’s strategy to expand its renewable energy sources has been consolidated in its latest energy contracts. In January 2020, the company signed the acquisition of an average 70 MW for 15 years of solar energy from Atlas Renewable Energy. The energy company is investing R $ 881 million in the construction of a solar park in the municipality of Pirapora, in Minas Gerais.

Furthermore, in December 2019, the mining company signed an agreement with AES Tietê to buy an average 70 MW of wind energy, also for 15 years. R $ 670 million is invested in the construction of the wind farm. With all three acquisitions, Anglo American adds 235 megawatts of average renewable energy.


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