Medellin Colombia will have a green subway with 100% wind and solar energy

Medellín is moving forward with more eco-friendly transport and renewable energy. One of these goals that is getting closer and closer involves the city subway, which by 2021 expects the subway as a whole to feed 100% clean and safe energy through the development of wind and solar energy production to Gran Scale. A report carried by Go Eco Green21 states that Medellín is the new capital of renewable energy and electric mobility developing the second largest bus fleet in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Metro manager, Tomás Andrés Elejalde Escobar, indicated as part of these important advances, the Metro activated its first solar stations this week that will supply power to electronic devices through USB ports. Nine solar chargers were installed within several stations and at the administrative headquarters of the Metro in Bello.

With the new Metro Solar Station, users have the option of obtaining fast charges for their mobile devices.

"For a long time, the company has been working with such innovations as can be seen in metrocables" 15 years ago lighting, communication and its electrical circuits are powered by solar panels that are on the cable cars. " appointed senior office. On the other hand, with this initiative, the Metro aims to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the promotion and use of clean and renewable technologies.

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